Two little layers.

Tons of options.

We reinvented the nursing cover to be cute, cozy, multi-purpose, reversible, washable, and wearable!

Whether you like to pull up from the hem of your shirt or down from your neckline, the four baby-soft “tails" of the Lucu Nest combine easily in cute and creative ways to help you nurse and snuggle in comfort and style.

Tuck the tails around baby's carrier for added warmth. Fold it in half, and use it as a stroller cover with a perfect window to see baby. Wear your Nest over your favorite dress or jeans and top, or roll it up and stash it in your diaper bag for quick and easy coverage, only where you want it. No need to cover baby's head!

Here are the six most basic ways to wear or use the Nest:

More on how to wear The Nest with Lucu co-founder, Lauren:

The Nest in action: