How to Make Your Own Breastfeeding Tree of Life Image in PicsArt

If you're on insta, chances are you've seen an image like this:

My own little PicsArt #TreeofLife

My own little PicsArt #TreeofLife

Wanting to make your own? It's pretty easy.

1) Download the PicsArt app (it's free!)

2) Find an image of transparent tree roots and a transparent tree. You need one without a background (probably, depending on what you want your final image to look like. If the tree in your image of choice has a background, it will probably be too cluttered in your final image). Google "Transparent tree" and "Transparent tree roots" for inspiration/ selection. Here's the one I used.

3) Start a new project in PicsArt. Add a breastfeeding image you like by clicking add photo.

4) While in the editing mode of your first image, look for the button to add another image to it. 

5) You will probably need to rotate and crop your added image(s). I separated the tree and roots out so that I could line them up in good proportion, then I sort of meshed them together. Important: whenever you add an image overlay, you need to click "blend" to make the magic happen. Within blend, there are several options- I used "screen" because it gave a sort of sheerness to the tree that I liked.

6) After you line up and blend your added elements overtop of your original image, you can go in and pick a "Magic" filter to put over the whole image. This will blend the elements together. I used midnight, but I also did one with Rainbow that came out pretty cool.

7) Save or share directly from the app! If you've never used PIcsArt before, you might find that  you accidentally delete your work the first couple of times you try it. Just keep at it. If you had some success with these instructions, share your images on #instagram and tag us so that we can see them! 



P.S.   Yesterday was the last day for regular Christmas-guaranteed shipping on The Lucu Nest the only wearable #breastfeeding accessory a nursing mama would ever need. (Breastfeeding covers: move along! Youv'e been replaced!)

But you can still expedite shipping to arrive in time for Christmas! Check it out!

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When Breastfeeding Hurts

Breastfeeding can hurt. (There. I said it.)

No, it doesn’t hurt everyone. No, it doesn’t hurt all the time. But for a good portion of us, at least some part of the breastfeeding relationship will be painful or very uncomfortable.  Now, I know that saying so isn’t popular among the pro-breastfeeding contingent. But as one of those (annoyingly) pro-breastfeeding folks, I think it’s all the more important to tell the truth.


FINALLY! Our first ways-to-wear-it video!

Well, it took a little while (read: one year) to get this done. To my credit, I moved and had a baby in that year, so I'm giving myself a pass. 

Hope you enjoy this first little look at how to wear the Lucu Nest. Believe it or not, another video is coming soon, showing some additional uses and ideas, because our customers keep coming back to us with great ideas. 

I'll come back to the blog soon with details on each way we styled it for the video (which "tails" of the Nest to put where, etc.) but in the meantime, feel free to comment with any questions!





Posted on August 12, 2016 .

"Mama, can I color her?"

Ever since my five year old asked me if I could print a black and white version of our logo to color, I've been including them in most of the shipments of the Lucu Nest. So here's a little breastfeeding meditation time for you- color her in any way you choose! We had so much fun picking the colors for the Lucu lady, and we love seeing what you come up with!

Upload your version of the Lucu logo to Instagram or Facebook with hashtags #worldbreastfeedingweek #thinkoutsidethecover or e-mail it to, and you'll be entered to win The Lucu Bundle (see the Bundle here)!

Right click and save to print, or on some systems, drag it to your desktop! 






Mommycon DC: The Exhibitor Experience

To say Mommycon DC was fun would be an understatement. As a teensy-tiny brand in a sea of awesome national brands, we didn’t know if our work and our ideas would stand out. But the crowd was full of enthusiastic families who couldn’t wait to see what was new in baby land. Mamas were very excited about how we’ve reinvented the nursing cover as something adorable that fits into their existing wardrobes. When they purchased it, I loved seeing mamas take the Nest right out of our new tiny drawstring bags and wear it for the day!

Set-up almost complete!

Set-up almost complete!

I probably could have made my setup easier if I'd been able to do it on Friday evening or if I had arrived earlier on Saturday. But since I can basically count on one hand when I've ever been early in my whole life (my college graduation, my daughter's first day of get the picture), I was in major hustle mode to get it all done.

Baby W. and I having a moment before the exhibitor hall opened.

Baby W. and I having a moment before the exhibitor hall opened.

Shout out to my husband and my brother who carted the garment rack and all the contents of the display for three city blocks (and brought me lunch!) and my sister-in-law who effortlessly filled in for me so that I could get a peek at other exhibitors and get off my feet for a minute.

Two-thirds of the Mommycon DC dream team. 

Two-thirds of the Mommycon DC dream team. 

My favorite moment of the day was when a couple from Florida bought one- and then the husband snuck back an hour later to buy another color combo for his wife. He said he watched her sit down to nurse in it, and it looked so easy and comfortable for her that “she just lit up” and he wanted to surprise her with another when they got home.

Met so many awesome mamas and mamas-to-be!

Met so many awesome mamas and mamas-to-be!

I met some great exhibitors— and my sister-in-law and I went home with some adorable stuff-we had to buy a Suitable “role play bib” from Mixed Pears, and Softsie footies. Meant to snag an EZPZ silicon placemat, but I ran out of time to visit the Mommycon shop, so I’ll have to buy it online.

Mommycon Selfie Wall (semi-fail?). The blurriness says a lot- I was pretty tired at that point.

Mommycon Selfie Wall (semi-fail?). The blurriness says a lot- I was pretty tired at that point.

We were definitely feeling the love at Mommycon, and we look forward to doing another!

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Have Baby, Will Travel: Lucu’s Top Ten Tips for Trips with Small Children

In my five years of parenting, we've lived in three states and traveled to many more, including taking an eighteen-month-old on three planes to get to Hawaii (yes, it was insane- yes, I'd do it again). Cross country flights, twelve hour drives- Niagara Falls to San Fran's North Bay, you name it, we've likely traversed it. Here's the best of what I know so far.

Posted on May 25, 2016 .