How to Make Your Own Breastfeeding Tree of Life Image in PicsArt

If you're on insta, chances are you've seen an image like this:

My own little PicsArt #TreeofLife

My own little PicsArt #TreeofLife

Wanting to make your own? It's pretty easy.

1) Download the PicsArt app (it's free!)

2) Find an image of transparent tree roots and a transparent tree. You need one without a background (probably, depending on what you want your final image to look like. If the tree in your image of choice has a background, it will probably be too cluttered in your final image). Google "Transparent tree" and "Transparent tree roots" for inspiration/ selection. Here's the one I used.

3) Start a new project in PicsArt. Add a breastfeeding image you like by clicking add photo.

4) While in the editing mode of your first image, look for the button to add another image to it. 

5) You will probably need to rotate and crop your added image(s). I separated the tree and roots out so that I could line them up in good proportion, then I sort of meshed them together. Important: whenever you add an image overlay, you need to click "blend" to make the magic happen. Within blend, there are several options- I used "screen" because it gave a sort of sheerness to the tree that I liked.

6) After you line up and blend your added elements overtop of your original image, you can go in and pick a "Magic" filter to put over the whole image. This will blend the elements together. I used midnight, but I also did one with Rainbow that came out pretty cool.

7) Save or share directly from the app! If you've never used PIcsArt before, you might find that  you accidentally delete your work the first couple of times you try it. Just keep at it. If you had some success with these instructions, share your images on #instagram and tag us so that we can see them! 



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Posted on December 16, 2016 .