One More For the Road...

Watch out! Here comes another addition to the Lucu family, and this one is hitting the ground running. From Lucu co-founder, Sara:

So this is what it feels like to emerge from the clouds into your new identity as a real life Mom!

Now, almost three months into life with new baby Dasilva and wondering why everyone keeps saying it gets easier, while at the same time telling me to enjoy this "easier time"... because when they start walking, watch out! … I have no way to know what is actually ahead or how to compare our experience to what is considered the "norm". Though, either way it seems we are pushing the boundaries of what early parenthood may look like and enjoying every moment of it!

Baby has already touched the oldest living organisms on the planet, explored an ancient crater, waded in an alpine mountain stream… granted, all mostly while napping at the same time, but hey! We will have the pictures to prove it when he wonders later in life where he got his nature chops from. 

The way we see it, this little guy is with us now, and although we care for his needs to the utmost… setting aside our own needs on the regular as any parent does for their child… we do hope he enjoys our ride, as we share with him the adventurous lifestyle we value so much from the very beginning.

Stay tuned for more of Cass's adventures in breastfeeding. Next up is Asia! Follow Cass and his favorite snuggly feeding accessory, the Lucu Nest as we travel through Tawian and Indonesia.



Posted on October 25, 2016 .